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Our referring attorneys speak:

The immigration process is a stressful one even in the best of circumstances. I feel confident providing our clients information on the services provided by The Psych Piece because I know they, and our office, will be in good hands. Not only do my clients report feeling welcomed and cared for during their time with The Psych Piece, but the assessments and reports we receive are always of the best quality, thorough, and a tremendous asset in preparing and presenting the best case for our clients.”

- Massiel Ojeda, Marsal Avila Law Group, Oakbrook, Illinois

Carina, I just read your psychological evaluation of our client. I've been concentrating on J-1 exceptional hardship waiver cases for almost 25 years, and this is about the best psychological evaluation I've seen.”

 - Bruce A. Hake, Hake & Schmitt, New Windsor, Maryland

 “My clients have used The Psych Piece for more than 8 years for evaluations. I have always been more than satisfied with their psychological evaluations which strengthen and support my clients’ proof of extreme hardship not only in emotional, but in other non-exclusive factors. As a result, my clients have not had any problems with their I-601 A and I-601 waivers. The evaluations have made a dramatic impact on the approval ratio which at this moment is still 100% approval when Caren Ex’s evaluations are included.”

 - Leonel Torres, Torres Law Firm, Alvin, Texas

Caren Ex and the Psych Piece have been literal life savers for a number of our clients. Caren is always compassionate, detailed, and responsive. She always seems to elicit far more detail and depth from our clients than we ever could. And she fills in that gap between what our clients are trying to express and what the Immigration Court or USCIS hears. We have been so pleased by Psych Piece's work that we have come to use them quite regularly. In fact, earlier today, as my paralegal and I were reviewing another Psych Piece evaluation, my paralegal remarked, "we really should consider just retaining Psych Piece on every case." And she isn't wrong.”

 - Brian Murray, Murray Osorio PLLC, Fairfax, Virginia

 “As an immigration law firm based out of Minneapolis, MN, we have been relying on the Psych Piece’s services for years to conduct evaluations for our clients. We use third-party psychologists regularly for this purpose, and the comprehensiveness and efficiency characterized by the Psych Piece reports has been among the best. Every report we have received from the Psych Piece is completed in a timely manner and delves deep into the past, present, and potential future of our clients’ psychological and emotional circumstances and functioning. The Psych Piece staff is knowledgeable, accessible and responsive to our needs and input; they are willing to put in the extra work to achieve optimal results. In the end, the content of the Psych Piece’s evaluations has been invaluable for many of our clients. For that, we are deeply grateful and hold them in the highest regard. Their service and attention to detail is great and has been incredibly beneficial to our practice over the years. Thanks Carina!”

 - Paschal Nwokocha & Chukwu Law Offices, LLC, Minneapolis, MN

"I recommend The Psych Piece for all my Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers, VAWAs, U Visas, and any other case with hardship as a factor. My clients who have used The Psych Piece have a 100% case approval rating. Carina gets very high professional reviews from all my referrals, especially individuals dealing with very heavy and deep emotional issues. Everyone says they feel better after talking to her."

 - William G. McLean III, Attorney at Law, Chicago, Illinois

We have referred many clients and waiver applicants to Casa Carina/The Psych Piece over the last five years, with great success. Carina is highly professional and effective in her work and we fully endorse her to others.” 

 - Susan Fortino-Brown, Susan Fortino-Brown Law Office, Chicago, Illinois

Nuestros clientes nos dicen:
"Hola muy buenas noches...
si meto las manos al fuego por usted, Mi mama y yo estamos muy agradecidos por la gran ayuda que nos brindo y no hay dinero que pueda pagar toda la ayuda emocional que usted nos brindo. Usted es un Angel aquí en la tierra, mama y yo estaremos siempre agradecidos con usted deseo de todo corazón que Dios la bendiga y colme con mucha fuerza, Salud, Éxito para que pueda seguir ayudándonos a superar algún problema. Animo que somos mas los que la queremos mucho Dios la bendiga".

A.J. (Carina le hizo la evaluación psicologica para inmigración.)